Didsbury Arts Festival

We'll be at Didsbury United Reformed Church on 1st July singing some sweeeeet harmonies alongside great support act Kamal Arafa as part of Didsbury Arts Festival.


Taylor & the Mason are an acoustic singer/songwriter duo from Manchester with a penchant for good harmonies, playing guitars... and the odd glass of gin.

"With Taylor's classical training and Mason's love for popular culture, the two strike a grand balance: cheeky arrangements, smart and often playful lyrics, and harmonies to die for. At first listen, you'd be forgiven for noting only the acoustic folk and soft rock trappings, but there are telltale signs of voracious musical consumption — a love of the art that meets the pure joy of entertaining. What results is shimmering, buoyant and heartfelt music. It feels like Taylor and the Mason have unearthed classics from the back of your record collection and aired them again for the first time in years, because these are familiar and yet original songs which you'll immediately add to your favourites list." (Adam Lowe, Vada Magazine)

At Didsbury Arts Festival, due to Taylor's unfortunate absence, Mason will be teaming up with Rose Niland (Rose & the Diamond Hand, Poppycock), Liz Pauline (A Farm Called Misery) and the rest of the T&M band to comprise a energetic six-piece, performing songs from their recently released self-titled album.


Manchester based singer/songwriter, Kamal Arafa made five solo albums before forming The Moonlight Band in 2007. The band gained popularity in and around Manchester and eventually played a slot on Glastonbury's Avalon stage in 2011. The band split shortly after this. Kamal continued to write on his own until he teamed up with ex band members from the Mekkits to record a Christmas song. The band continue to write and perform together as Winter Project along side Kamal Arafa's solo work.

Soaring and effortless; Kamal's heart warming and sometimes bizarre tales envelope your soul. He possesses worldliness and a wry songwriting style that is both thoughtful and tender. Think Rufus Wainwright meets Devendra Banhart.

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